Your guide to creating the ultimate destination wedding

Are you somebody that doesn’t half do anything? Have you been dreaming of jumping on the plane and saying ‘I do’ among your nearest and dearest at a completely foreign – and often beautiful – location? Here’s everything you need to include to create the ultimate destination wedding.

The destination wedding theme

The quintessential destination wedding focuses on the marrying couple’s chosen destination, rather than themselves or their individual personalities. It’s all about exchanging vows in a beautiful location rather than the extravagance that often comes with traditional weddings hosted in couples’ hometowns.

The Vision

Couples who choose to host a destination wedding do so for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a destination wedding can be seen as a two-for-one deal. While you get a wedding – you also get a fantastic holiday! Couples may even turn their destination wedding into their honeymoon, and sometimes guests are asked to stay on, making the wedding/holiday/honeymoon an event for all to enjoy!

Things to Consider

Couples toying with the idea of hosting a destination wedding have a lot to consider before sending out their invitations and booking their flights. For instance, you must understand that not every guest who receives an invite can attend a destination wedding.

For instance, you must understand that not every guest who receives an invite can attend a destination wedding. Unless you are willing to fork out travel and accommodation expenses for each and every one of our guests, some of the people you invite may not have the monetary means to attend your wedding. When you consider travel expenses, accommodation, food, outfits, and gifts, your guests are forking out an arm and a leg just to attend your wedding in the location of your choice! Because of this, you have to expect many to RSVP no – meaning your wedding may end up smaller than you originally hoped.


As every wedding is different, it’s hard to put an approximate amount on how much a destination wedding would cost. As destination weddings often have fewer guests, this may save you some money. On the other hand, as you might be planning your wedding somewhere incredibly popular, even a small wedding may cost around the same as a larger one back home.


As said above, guests are a big deciding point when it comes to destination weddings. While not every guest you invite will be able to cover travel, accommodation, and food expenses that come with your destination wedding, the ones who do attend are usually the only ones that truly matter. At the end of the day, even if you have an intimate guest list, you’ll still exchange vows in a completely foreign and often stunning location – and that’s all that really matters when it comes to destination weddings.

Wedding Date

Those who are planning a destination wedding must think long and hard about their wedding date. If you’ve chosen a destination that is famous for its summer days, it wouldn’t make sense to hold your wedding during the winter months. Similarly, you may have to consider when popular tourist destinations are likely to be swarming with tourists and therefore vendor pricing may increase.


Your invitations are integral to notify your guests of your impending destination wedding. Those who are planning a destination wedding must send out their invitations with enough notice for their guests to save, book flights, and arrange accommodation. Your guests might also need some time to think about it – you’re essentially asking them to come on holiday! – so keep this in mind when sending out your invitations.


Booking vendors is a little different when it comes to destination weddings. Having a wedding in your hometown comes with the luxury of choice when it comes to vendors. However, in regards to a destination wedding, you may have to book whatever vendor is available to you or be a little less picky when it comes to creating your wedding.


Photographers at destination weddings often focus on capturing the chosen location – that’s the whole point of a destination wedding, isn’t it?

Instead of focusing on the little details, as wedding photography often does, photographers at destination weddings will focus on what makes the location so beautiful, and show the couple in the place of their choosing.

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