Things You should Keep in Your Mind while Making Garden Paths

It is well known fact that, a good garden path enhances the beauty of the house.Of late there is various type of design available in the market for a garden path. Here we are describing about them so that you can keep all the vital information about the garden path. You can choose from a wide variety of loose materials including coarse bark, stepping stone path, washed stones and crush gravel shall. A well-planned garden path not only makes traversing through the garden easier but also accentuate the beauty.

Gravel Path:A gravel path is one of the most basic DIY garden path ideas you can do. It’s cheap and affordable and easy to do as you don’t have to dig very deep to achieve what you want.

Coarse bark: It is the perfect complement for a cottage or a wooden garden. Moreover, this path is easier to create than almost of any other kind of path. The bark mulch suppresses weeds and aid in water retention. The coarse bark will give a garden a more rugged and country look. It is reddish brown in color.

Stepping stone path:  stepping stone is the fastest easiest way to build garden path. Stepping stone is also cost less because you can cover more distance by using less stone.  You can make it more attractive by using 12inch squire or round concrete patio blocks.

Planted paths: planted path is looking more beautiful as compare to other garden paths. It will enhance greenery at your home. Check the plants with your nursery which you want to use on this type of paths.

Gravel shall:  for a path, that’s more formal or longer lasting than others path. Gravel path do have few limitation, thought the stone get tracked into the house so don’t use them near entries, And gravel is a bad choice in areas where you have to shovel snow off them. The gravel can end up in your lawn of flower beds.

Paver Path:These are usually cut stone in the shape of rectangular bricks and lined up and placed tightly together. They can be incredibly durable and can withstand heavy abuse even. Depending on the side of your pathway, you can create magnificent designs just by how you place the bricks.

Wooden Step Path:The wooden step path, for this you’ll need to add wooden planks every so often along the gravel path. It adds rustic appeal and levels to your path and may be perfect for gardens with an uneven land.

Mulch and Stone Path:This garden path idea is fairly easy to do as it doesn’t require much digging on your part. There are edging materials that you can purchase; they just need to be laid out along your desired path. Once you have a path in place, place any flat stone in your desired layout and spacing then cover the rest of the gaps with mulch.

While making the garden path you should keep all crucial knowledge about the variety of the path you can go for to make more beautiful to your garden.

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