Summer clothing staples for your winter wardrobe

No need to put all your summer clothing into storage. Here’s how to incorporate summer items into a seasonably stylish winter wardrobe

Layering is key

Before you retire your summer clothes for the winter, you may want to rethink that. You’ll never catch me wearing anything less than an impenetrable parka once November hits but you will see me wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You’re confused, but I can explain.

T-shirts, shorts and maxi dresses are in fact, a big part of my cold weather wardrobe, in combination with warmer fabrics like cashmere, wool, faux fur and fleece. Instead of retiring your summer clothes, make the most of your wardrobe by incorporating these items into outfits suitable for winter.

The key is layering. A great pair of tights and boots can go along way to making your favourite summer pieces usable, not to mention stylish when the temperature drops.

We took seven pieces of clothing synonymous with summer and teach you just how to mix them with your sweaters, coats, vests and toasty warm cords. We’re sure they’ll all play nice.


Mix and match t-shirts with long sleeve tops in lightweight fabrics. You don’t want to put your t-shirt over a heavy sweater. Layer a solid coloured turtleneck underneath a striped t-shirt to cover your arms and neck. If your t-shirt is a solid colour, do the reverse and layer a patterned top underneath to keep things playful and fun.

Maxi dress

The maxi dress is typically the first item we decide we can’t wear once it gets cold. If yours is made of a thicker jersey material, keep it on rotation until snow and slush appear. Make it cold weather appropriate by wearing tights underneath. A long cardigan that skims the length of your body, a pair of stylish booties and a scarf to cover low necklines will make for a feminine silhouette that will also keep the chill out.

Denim jacket

In the summer, denim jackets serve as our outermost layer. In the winter, it becomes one of our layering pieces. Wear a warm fabric like plaid underneath your denim jacket and layer a fur vest overtop so the sleeves and collar are still visible for added texture and detail. We added suede boots and paisley cords, mixing and matching patterns for a look we can only describe as Lumber Jack chic.

Boyfriend jeans

Our favourite summer trend, the boyfriend jean is actually perfect for winter. Why? Because of its baggy nature, the boyfriend jean is a great layering piece. There’s nothing worse than forcing layers that were never meant to be. Thick long johns under skinny jeans won’t flatter your backside, we promise. For a festive look, we layered sparkly knit thigh high socks under loose boyfriend jeans with heeled loafers for a more polished esthetic. The last piece of the puzzle was a crisp white coat and the season’s hottest pattern, a houndstooth sweater.


Again, our trusty thermal tights make shorts a viable option for winter weather. If you, like me, bought leather shorts this summer, take them with you into the winter season. Coloured or patterned tights are always a fun way to give your outfit character. We dressed up these leather shorts by pairing them with a long sleeve paisley oxford and cowl sleeve cashmere cardigan.  If you want added coverage for your gams, trade the booties in for knee-high riding boots.

Mini skirt

Style a mini skirt the same way you would shorts. Mix textures by pairing an A-line mini skirt with micro-suede, knit or even leather tights. We topped off this winter weather outfit with a studded sweater and a winter white tweed jacket. The faux fur snood lends a great accent while keeping necks warm.

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