Huge Fashion Trends You Need to know in 2017

If you’ve been wanting to spice up your wardrobe this year, it’s going to be easier than you think. Many of 2017’s hottest trends are continuing from last year — or will only require a few easy tweaks to be on-point. Lots of classic pieces are still in, so step into your closet before hitting the stores.

I spoke with some of my favorite stylists to learn what trends are about to take over, and which ones to leave behind.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Asymmetrical necklines are going to be big in 2017. Channel your inner Flashdance diva and rock the off-the-shoulder look this year. The 80s style is back, and it’s not just for sweatshirts. Look for asymmetry in sweaters, blouses — even hemlines. Asymmetrical hems on dresses and skirts is also big in 2017. Milwaukee-based stylist and owner of Lizzibeth, Lizzi Weasler, is loving off-the-shoulder sweaters this winter. “Off-the-shoulder has pulled through the winter with cozy sweaters that show off more clavicle that normal in 20-degree weather,” she told The List.

Stylist Samantha Brown also predicts asymmetry will be dominating 2017. “Many of these asymmetrical lines will include ruffle details and cutaway shoulders,” she shared. “We will also see a resurgence of 1980s styling in oversized jackets and suiting, and tops worn off-the-shoulder a la Flashdance.”

When you’re out shopping this spring, keep an eye out for the asymmetrical necklines with detail. Ruffles, cutouts, and embellishments will add fun and dimension to your look.


Hallelujah! The ultra-easy and comfy style of athleisure that dominated 2016 is not going anywhere. Yep, you can still step out in your leggings and puffy vest and look like a modern fashionista — just make sure you glam it up a bit.

Lizzi Weasler told The List, “Athletic wear outside of the gym is becoming even stronger than last year with many designers putting aside their glitz and glam for a taste of stretch and casual comfort.” Think leggings, stretchy sweaters, and fashionable sneakers.

Fashion blogger Bita Khaleghi is ready to embrace this trend. “This year will be all about luxury athleisure and street wear,” she said. “While many of us might not be ready to part ways with our Lululemon and Nike wear, we should be ready to mix and match our middle-range looks with high-end luxury brands like Thom Browne, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton, a brand rumored to potentially collaborate with Supreme later this year.”

Fashion blogger Sargam Choudhary also predicts the athleisure trend to stick around, but wants us to go beyond the typical leggings look. “The great touches like the go-quicker stripes, tennis skirt, exercise center shorts, plimsolls or cowhide tights can truly energize the look in a new, splashy sort of way,” she told The List. “The lively outline can give a pleasant fit, offering awesome body shape. Racerbacks are in, however polo neck is one of the real form patterns for ladies for the year.”

Another way to incorporate a fun, sporty vibe into your look is with your shoes. Fashion blogger Bri Thomas recommends pairing more upscale looks with fun sneakers. “More and more, we are seeing dressed-up sneakers and cool kicks worn with dresses, skirts and polished looks that need a little sporty flair,” she said. “This is an easy one to implement, and I’m excited to see more of it!”

Flared pants and tops

If the 80s are making a comeback with the off-the-shoulder look, the 70s are bringing back the flare. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen a big change in our denim jeans. Fitted, skinny jeans have been ruling the scene for a while, but it’s time to let our ankles finally breathe again.

Bita Khaleghiis ready for the change. “The skinny jean phenomena was here for a long time, but we’re seeing a major shift in denim styles,” she says. “This year will be all about vintage jeans, wide leg and boot cut hems, flares and cropped.” Khaleghi also predicts light-washed denim will be huge this year.

And it’s not just our pants that are getting in on the action. Flared sleeves are also making a comeback in 2017. Lizzi Weasler recommends looking for flared sleeves with fun embellishments like “ties and cinches that make the arms flow.”

Unique jacket designs

It can be hard to be trendy in cold weather, right? Fun and detailed jackets to the rescue! Bri Thomas is excited for the utilitarian look, from army jackets with cargo pockets to belted trenches.

Fashion blogger Sargam Choudhary sees winter and spring 2017 as a big time for new takes on classic coats, starting with the kimono-style trench coat. “This beautiful blend of a current robe, a customary kimono and an appropriate coat has been a shockingly in-vogue and a very much acknowledged pattern since the previous summer,” she said.

Not ready to invest big bucks in a possible fleeting trend like kimono trench coats? There are more classic pieces coming out in 2017, too. Choudhary is also a fan of denim jackets, because of their versatility and ability to create light layers, “Simply pair it with thin pants or khakis, wear it unfastened on a free tee, or wear it like a shirt.” So dust off your old denim jacket, because it’s not going anywhere.

If you still have a poncho lying around from past years, break it out, because its chic cousin is making a splash this year, too. The cape is just as warm, but looks slightly elevated. “This winter, beat the cruel winter frosty with the all new form patterns for ladies, i.e. the cape. It nearly takes after a poncho, and is sufficiently adaptable to beat the various types of winter dressing,” says Choudhary. “It can be worn with either sides up or down.” She recommends pairing the cape with simple leggings and over-the-knee boots for a warm, sophisticated style.

Bold details

If you’re craving a little more color in your wardrobe, don’t worry. This year won’t be all about denim and trenches. There is plenty of room for fun, eye-catching details. Lizzi Weasler recommends adding some color to your classic pieces. “Bold floral patches are popping up on denim, blouses and bags, adding more of a throwback floral vibe to your typical bold classic look,” she told The List.

Bita Khaleghitold us we can also add a pop of color to our 2017 looks with bright bags. “Accessories have always been a great way to spice up any outfit, and that still rings true in 2017. The ‘it bag’ this year is all about being bold and showcasing your personality,” she told me. “We’ll see a lot of sleek metal, colorful embroidery, modern fold-over bags, and geometric shapes.”

Tailored button-downs

Not quite ready for bright bags and floral pants? Don’t worry — you can still rock the 2017 fashion scene. Tailored classics with a twist are out and about this season. Fashion blogger Becky Freeman foresees a resurgence of classic looks that are a bit unstructured. “Think button-downs that have been tailored to sit across your shoulders, shirts with lace-up details that run horizontally instead of vertically at the neckline, ruffles being used in new creative ways, etc,” she told The List. “It’s all about challenging the long-accepted concepts of what a dress or a top looks like, in order to get something really fresh that is still versatile.” If you’re feeling crafty, let your inner Project Runway star go wild and grab the scissors. Update your old pieces by cutting a new neckline or hemline. Just make sure you know how to sew them back together!

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