8 Fall Container Garden Ideas

Fall is my favorite time of year. Apples, pumpkins, and multi-colored leaves can all be incorporated into your garden décor. Orange is a major color consideration for planters on my doorstep because gourds and other festive decorations will be arranged around the planters. This gallery features a lot of planter ideas that will look great this fall.

I absolutely love the seventh option on this list. It features a bright orange pumpkin that is being used as the actual planter, and the flowers growing inside have gorgeous orange and yellow blooms that are perfect for the Halloween and fall season.

1.Rustic Fall Foliage

The first thing that you notice in this idea is the bright orange pumpkin that is positioned right in the front center of the planter, which makes it a perfect idea for the month of October. The second item that catches my eye is the planter itself. It features a beautiful bowl-like shape that looks slightly discolored from age.

2. Slate Grey Planters

The planters in this image are a beautiful slate grey. The two side ones feature lush green plants that lay over the top of the planter, and the middle one is full of purple pansies that are in full bloom. The textured design on the middle container is gorgeous as well.

3. Exotic Corner Garden

In this next idea, there is a plethora of colorful flowers that represent a fall motif. The reds, oranges, and yellows are simply stunning, and the ceramic bowl planter is perfect for adorning the raised garden edge seen here.

4. A Harvest of Gourds

This idea uses pumpkins, gourds, and shades of orange to create a beautiful fall design that would look great in any garden. The arrangement is placed in a lovely cream cement fountain that gives it height, and there are evergreen trees in the background that tie it all together beautifully.

5.Five Shades Of Maroon

The first aspect of this design that catches your eye is the magnificent maroon coloration of the leaves. The traditional green leaves can also be seen, and they create a contrast of colors that is out of this world. In addition, the container features a delicately crosshatched design that makes it an even more interesting idea.

6.Shades Of Fall With Lavender Accents

The idea in the next image features a potted plant that is wild and untamed. It is a stone planter that is filled with orange, yellow, and lavender miniature flowers that bloom from small narrow stems. The design looks a little outlandish, but it is charming nonetheless.

7.The Happy Scarecrow

The large clay planter in this image has a lot of leafy green plants inside it. This design would be perfect for a large garden; looking in the background a lot of other plants can be seen. In the middle of the main planter, there is a small scarecrow that will be perfect for fall.

8.A Soft Purple Hue

The plants in the next image have leaves that feature light green tops and plum colored bottoms. On some of the leaves, you can see the purple hue from above. These plants would make a lovely boarder around a garden.

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