5 Signs Wedding Planning is Taking Over Your Life

You have had three cups of coffee, flicked through the galleries of dozens of vendors on Easy Weddings, and have made great headway. When you are suddenly satisfied, you get ready to change out of your pyjamas and head out for your planned 10am coffee date with the girls when you catch the clock out of the corner of your eye… “Does that say 12.45pm?!?” When things get to this point, you know you have reached the stage where wedding planning is taking over your life.

Your vocabulary has changed

You are talking about sweethearts (and not meaning the love of your life), sheath dresses, escort cards, and the possibility of a dry wedding (your mates are wondering why anyone would want a wet wedding…). This can come across as a frustrating second language for those who haven’t yet tied the knot themselves.

People avoid the W word around you

When your bridesmaids and parents stop asking you how your wedding planning is going, you know you have instilled the fear in them that your response will take about half an hour to deliver… and they don’t want to take that chance again!

The postie has become a best friend

You have ordered so many wedding items from businesses around the country, that your postie seems to be knocking on your door every other day with parcels for you. It’s no wonder he has now worked his way into your inner circle of friends…

Your call favourites have shifted

While your partner and besties once took pride of place on your Recently Called lists on your mobile, they have now been bumped by the wedding planner, celebrant, and photographer.

Colour coordinating has never been so important

You have found this amazing shade of turquoise blue in a flower that you just have to have your bridal party wearing… but the fabric hues on offer are just not matching perfectly.

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